Black Women YouTubers to Follow Now

Hello again! Here are some amazing Black women YouTubers I follow that also live that 9-to-5 life. I think they’re great, and you just might too!

This isn’t to knock the full-time or entrepreneurs on YouTube. Still, I find it exceptional that these folks can consistently juggle work, YouTube, and their personal lives. They each produce high-quality content, and I get excited whenever I see new videos from them.

From Head to Curve

From Head to Curve is a Christian faith-based fashion and lifestyle channel run by an accountant named Ashley. She’s based in Texas and has some of the best and most relatable content to me, also being an accountant. Quick personal story, similar to Ashley, I considered Marketing (or Communications) in college for a hot minute but chose to stick with Accounting as my field of study.

Ashley’s channel is heavily faith-based (something I find refreshing) and plus-size fashion-focused. Even though I’m not plus-sized, I still love the outfits she puts together. I may be a little biased because I also love seeing Black accountants. Especially when they’re doing things outside of accounting to show that we do have lives and interests outside of work. She recently purchased a home and often has or mentions her mom and family members on the channel.

On a more serious note, she’s also discussed attempted suicide and depression on her channel and how she’s still working to overcome negativity and doubts through therapy and God. She’s also mentioned that she doesn’t think the CPA is for her, but she’s content with her job and work right now and doesn’t plan on leaving in the near future. If her content sounds interesting to you, check out her channel!

Brittany | PocketsandBowsTV

Brittany, also known as PocketsandBowsTV, is a fashion, luxury, and lifestyle YouTuber based in Tennessee. From 9-to-5 she works in Finance at a healthcare company and has an online fashion boutique called NuNoire. Although I’m not super into luxury fashion, I truly enjoy seeing Black women in those spaces. I’m a huge proponent of you do you, so I appreciate her attitude and mindset of wanting and indulging in luxury goods because she wants to. To heck with what anybody else has to say.

She covers a range of fashion at various price points. She knows when and how to represent the curvier corporate ladies out here. Occasionally she’ll also cover fragrances, but I find I don’t usually watch those videos because scent is extremely subjective. Plus, I’m not good at discerning scents based on reading or hearing the fragrance notes. If you’re interested in elevating your look down to your scent, I think Brittany’s channel is a great place to start.


I have to be honest here, I don’t know Alove4Me’s real name. Feel free to insert your laughter here. She’s a natural hair and lifestyle YouTuber based in Georgia. She works in the nonprofit sector as a consultant. Recently she’s been talking more about her five-year plan and personal growth journey, which has really resonated with me lately. She’s a classically trained musician who decided that she didn’t want her career path to be in music and made the switch over time to what she’s doing now.

In addition to her day-to-day work, she’s worked on building ALove4Me, her own personal natural hair and lifestyle brand supplemented by a blog in addition to her channel. On her blog, she has some free and paid resources for developing your own five-year plan. I purchased one a while ago. Though I haven’t dedicated the time I should’ve to fill it out, I can see it being a valuable resource as I continue to hone my strengths and desires in life. If you’re interested in hearing about the components of crafting a five-year plan or in getting some bomb natural hair advice, her channel will always be my first recommendation. You can also check out her blog, ALove4Me.

The Young Black Professional

What? How’d I get here? 😉

If you didn’t know, I’m also a YouTuber among the many Black women YouTubers! You should check out the About Me section to learn a little more about me and what my platforms and brand are about. If I’ve interested you enough to read the blog, please head over to my YouTube channel and let me know if I’m providing useful content there as well.

What About You?

Who are some of the Black women YouTubers you watch? I’m always interested in watching new channels and even have a few other channels I plan on highlighting in later posts. Are any of the people you watch still working a full-time job outside of YouTube? I have a list of Black YouTube entrepreneurs you should check out coming up soon. Until next time, be well, and go support the above channels!

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