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Hi there! Looking to learn a bit about me?

My name is Olivia Autry, and I’m a Senior Corporate Tax Accountant in the tech industry. I started the blog to share my journey from college to full-time employee in the corporate world as a Black millennial woman. Now that I’ve been in the corporate world for some time, I’m sharing those experiences as well. I always knew I wanted to work in the business world and eventually become an entrepreneur. At times, my transition has been all but smooth, yet I hope we can share some knowledge with each other and avoid most of the pitfalls.

Me in my Howard sweatshirt
That’s me! No, I didn’t go to Howard 🙁

I attended a predominantly white institution (PWI) for both my undergrad and graduate degrees and had about 3 jobs at any given time. Luckily for me, my mom worked for the university in the career development center, so I was able to graduate without any student loan debt. While I was getting my MBA, I worked in the career center (not reporting to or working with my mom) where I gathered a plethora of information on professionalism and getting a job. All of the knowledge and experience I received from the career center led to me become a proponent for leveraging free resources.

Me at a work luncheon
My friends/coworkers and I. Faces are blurred to maintain their privacy 🙂

Hopefully, this blog will help give you ideas on how to dress professionally at your workplace, understand what is and is not professional, cope with or help initiate change in non-diverse workplaces, and delight, inspire and support you in all of your business endeavors. There will also be some content on life outside of the office! I’d love to build a community of like-minded Black professionals and have a place we can feel at home. Your input is greatly appreciated and welcomed as I am just starting out.

Outside of work and this blog, I’m an avid reader, MMA practitioner, and a self-proclaimed homebody. 

Let’s create a community of strong, supportive, young black professionals and lift each other up as climb.

Get in contact with me here.

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