Why You Need to Sit Yo A$$ Down Sometimes – Hiatuses

Why You Need to Sit Yo A$$ Down Sometimes – Hiatuses

This post won’t be long. Over the past few months, particularly this last month, I’ve realized the importance of taking care of myself and learning to sit down. Self care is something I’m trying to be more intentional and consistent about, but I’m not gonna lie, it’s hard.

When you’ve been in go mode for so long and prioritized the needs and perceived needs of other people, it’s hard to know where your needs fall and who you even are. As I approach 30, I feel like I’ve said yes to enough things, enough times, in my twenties so that I now have a better understanding of who I am and what I truly enjoy. That said, it took time to get to this point and it will take time to wind down and actually be present and enjoy the things I like doing. Without this time in Corona lockdowns and restrictions, I don’t think I’d come to these same realizations, at least not now, and for that I’m thankful.

All this to say, it’s okay not to hustle or grind 24/7. Money will always be on the table somewhere and even COVID-19 isn’t stopping parties (virtually). Sometimes time spent with yourself is the time best spent. So get to know and love yourself as you are, where you are, and without all of the external joys of life; you might be surprised what you discover about yourself. I’m praying for you, sending you love and light, and hope that this time is as reflective and restorative for you as it’s been for me. Peace.

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