What to Wear: Colorful Professional Dress

What to Wear: Colorful Professional Dress

Happy Wednesday. Today, I have this gorgeous colorful, yet professional dress. I tend to opt for more neutrals in my professional and personal wardrobe since they offer more versatility. BUT, when I saw the cut and color of this Nordstrom dress, I had to have it.

Colorful professional dress 1
Dress: Nordstrom [sold out] Shoes: Calvin Klein [found here on Amazon]

I have an unnatural love for shirt dresses and this one fits surprisingly well. I’m pretty curvy in the hips and butt (see here for my measurements), and the hardest part of finding clothes for my body type is having the right fit for the legs and butt and the waist. My waist is the smallest part of me and is disproportionately smaller than the standard waist for the size 10/12 I normally wear. This often leads me to go for pants and jeans labeled “curvy”. I digress… This dress is perfectly snug in the waist and fits well on my hips in a size Medium. It’s by the Nordstrom brand Halogen, and the blue hue is even more beautiful in person. Did I mention it has POCKETS?!?

Colorful professional dress 2
Colorful professional dress 3

The shoes are in the style Gayle by Calvin Klein in the color Caramel. These are the best nude shoes for my skin tone that I own. I LOVE these shoes, they’re SO comfortable, and they’re in the most classic, timeless style you can find in a professional pump. If you wear heels, trust me, you’ll love these too.

Colorful professional dress 4

Although I don’t have any close ups of my accessories, I tend to go for gold. My rings are a mix of Mejuri and Etsy. My earrings generally come from Amulet Arts (best piercing studio in Long Island), are family heirlooms, are hoops from Mejuri, or come from Body Art Forms online. If I have on a necklace, it’s usually a simple gold chain; I sometimes wear a bracelet I’ve had since I was a child from my godfather and almost always wear my Apple watch.

Are you into a colorful professional dress or are the neutral dresses more your thing? Let me know in the comments!


  • Donna Swann

    February 10, 2021 at 1:17 pm Reply

    What a beautiful dress. Looks great on you!

  • Milagros Smith

    February 12, 2021 at 2:39 pm Reply

    This is a great color on you. I choose my professional wear along the same lines. I typically like the greys, blues, blacks, and browns, but there come a time in every person’s life where they must choose a bomb outfit outside of their norm. Good choice.

    • theyoungblackprofessional

      February 13, 2021 at 8:13 pm Reply

      Thanks, Milagros. Agreed! We can all step out of our comfort zone for the right outfit 😉

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