What is Company Culture?

What is company culture? Let's take a look at what it is and why it's a key factor in choosing a job.

Getting the Job Done

Professionalism 101: Use this post to learn the basics about doing your job and getting the job done.

Interviewing… Yikes!

So, you’ve met the right people, made the right connections, applied for the job, and now have an interview. What do you wear? What should you do beforehand? Do you get nervous just thinking about interviewing? I’m here to (hopefully) help. Before the Interview Interviewing is as much about...

Greetings and Meetings

Part of being a professional is meeting new people. They can be across your company, within the same industry, across industries, the possibilities are endless. Meeting new people in any arena is the first step to networking (an overall area in which I admittedly struggle), and can be the...